Thursday, January 26, 2006


Posted by Mar at 9:24 AM
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 01:51:05 -0800 (PST)
Subject: explorace2 - sedikit observation


well, out of curiosity, i googled my own name AND explorace. it brought me to your entry on my explorace adventure in terengganu.

i think i need to explain a few things here (not least because my reputation, such as it is, need to be salvaged somewhat!).

first, i WAS fined for getting the pasar payang question wrong. (well, i am a clueless person. kalau soklan geografi malaysia memang sah2 fail!!! huhu...). dendanya saya tak boleh guna beskal (and fido could) nak ke tempat hj abdullah tukang bot tu. terpaksolah den berlari2 anak ke situ and back.

second, it was fido who said i looked like a monkey running around the boat replica at the museum. i do not liken people to animals as a rule. it's bad manners, and it's highly offensive.

third, and most importantly, i was a crappy diver. the day before the race when we had a practice session at pulau kapas, i kept headbutting the bottom of the ocean or heading straight up to the surface, never really establishing any semblance of a respectable diver!!! (susah la, dah le kena bernafas ikut mulut, kena buat itu ini... den konpius jadnya!!!) eez, on the other hand was very good at it. so, even before the day of the race itself, we have decided that eez should do the scuba-diving task, my reputation as 'the man' notwithstanding!!!

kalau awak di tempat saya, what would you do? would you rather risk losing the race but doing what's expected of you (ie man do diving, woman sit pretty), or do you say f**k it and do the right thing (ie let the better person do it) in order for you to have a better chance at winning?

[plus who do you think had to transport all the heavy diving gear and apparatus for eez across 800metres of burning white sand di bawah mentari tengahari terik tu?]

saya bukan marah ke apa ke... cuma ingin menerangkan situasi... it's bad enough that Fido called me all those things... tapi saya tak pernah marah or berdendam dgn Fido or anything... he's actually a very nice person, if you get to know him better (which i did)... i believe, semua yg dia buat tu utk gimmick tv je....

sekian, wassalaam,



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